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    See examples of successful legislator training programs on the GACI Program History page.

    GACI believes that informed policy leadership is the result of knowledge about current research, model programs, and best practices that is shared among government, academia, program advocates, foundations, and organizations providing services.

    GACI brings people together to build sound public policy on the findings of research and best practices in health care, early learning, and human services.

    Leadership development depends on being bipartisan and on finding the best ways to provide information, generate discussion, and build consensus. GACI programs include briefings, workshops, seminars, and symposia, one-on-one sessions with legislators, dinners of elected officials with top researchers, educational tours of model programs, binders of research summaries, Web casts and Webinars, and other outreach programs.

    Check out the GACI Event Calendar for a list of coming events.

    Educational Publications
    In addition to educating policy makers at a variety of educational face-to-face experiential  programs GACI has communicated messages and research findings through publishing and contributing to a number of publications, books and articles. Visit the GACI Publications page for a complete listing of GACI publications.

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