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  • Vol.  66, no. 5, 2004    article (references)    article (pdf 217 kb)      case report transglottic acinic cell carcinoma case report paolo boscolo-rizzoa, maria cristina da mostoa, carlo marchioria, paolo boccatob aent department, university of padua, treviso regional hospital, treviso, and bcytopathology laboratory, casa di cura villa berica, vicenza, italy address of corresponding author orl 2004;66:286-289 (doi: 10. 1159/000081127)    key words acinic cell carcinoma minor salivary gland tumors larynx    abstract acinic cell carcinoma (acc) is a rare tumor generally involving the parotid gland and infrequently the minor salivary glands with the potential for both local recurrence and metastatic spread when tracked for decades. The biological behavior of acc cannot be predicted on the basis of histological features, and surgical stage is still the best predictor of clinical outcome. Only 5 cases of acc of the larynx have been reported in the english literature. The authors present a case of a rare transglottic acc in a 74-year-old woman. At admission, a submucosal mass involving the left arytenoid and adjacent aryepiglottic fold was noted. A ct scan of the head and neck region showed a mass of the left hemilarynx involving the paraglottic space and extending from the aryepiglottic fold to the sinus piriformis. Definitive histopathological examination showed an acc with a large amount of clear cells. The patient was treated by radiotherapy alone (66 gy in 7 weeks) with complete remission. Copyright © 2004 s. Karger ag, basel    author contacts dr. viagra without a doctor prescription howtosmudge.com/pjn-buy-viagra-without-prescription-ae/ order viagra online usa viagra without a doctor prescription viagra without a doctor prescription floridalighttacklecharters.com/thq-viagra-generic-pills-kl/ buy cheap viagra viagra for sale viagra online viagra for sale Paolo boscolo-rizzoviale umbria 6it–30019 chioggia, venezia (italy)tel. +39 0422 322320, fax +39 0422 322379e-mail pboscolorizzo@yahoo. It    article information received: april 15, 2004 accepted: may 19, 2004 number of print pages : 4 number of figures : 3, number of tables : 1, number of references : 16   journal home journal content guidelines editorial board aims and scope subscriptions pubmed id 15583444 download citation recommend this              related articles immunopathological study of neuropeptide expression in human salivary gland neoplasms immunolocalization of dnmt1 and dnmt3a in salivary gland neoplasms this journal is part of the 5th subject package of the karger journal archive collection information on packages (.
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