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    Government Action and Communication Institute is the preeminent facilitator of educational events and programs that help policy leaders make informed policy decisions on education, human services and health policy. GACI also publishes inform-rich publications on these topics. Now GACI takes legislator education to the next level providing access to relevant information via publications articles and Internet content. Coming soon GACI will also deliver content via podcasts. Get the information you need in the medium that you prefer.

    Publications: GACI has published a number of valuable publications to help educate and inform legislators on key education, human services and health issues.

    Articles & Research: Fact sheets and issue briefs hand-selected for California State Legislators and their staffs. These resources provide useful information using statistics, case studies and other research methods  to explain the issue of children’s health care in California.

    Organizational Resources & Links: A comprehensive list of influential education, human services and health  resources including agencies, foundations, institutions and organizations

    Audio & Video:
    Soon GACI will offer insightful and educational  audio as podcasts - Please check back for new product announcements.

    Information Resources

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