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    GACI Resources to Help You Write Your Own Grants

    GACI can provide you with tools and guidance for success, "Reaching Beyond Horizons", GACI's 2010-2011 Foundation Directory for Children, Youth and Family Programs.

    A program’s growth is dependent on the funding it can bring in. Among the most urgent of calls GACI receives is to assist programs find or apply for funding, GACI has spent more than 6 months contacting funders across the country to identify foundations, corporations and other entities that provide funding to California programs whose focus includes health, child development and education.  This publication will assist grant seekers in the long search for the right funder and includes basic descriptions, limitations, deadlines, application information, past funding examples, and contact information for over 100 grant programs targeted specifically to advancing the lives of California’s children, youth and families.

    The Foundation Grant Directory includes an extensive list of foundations and other funding sources providing:

    • Grant making priorities
    • Grant limitations
    • Geographic requirements
    • Application process and deadlines
    • Contact information

    We accept some grant-writing or consulting requests as time allows. Please contact GACI at info@gacinstitute.org or (916) 966-6643 for more information.”

    See the GACI Information Resources page for a complete listing of available publications, articles and resource links.

    Price: $35
    + $4.05 for shipping

    Digital copy also available here

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