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    GACI has an impressive history of working with foundations and non-profit organizations to help drive changes in education, human services and health policy. GACI brings together subject-matter experts to perform quality academic research. GACI then gathers policy makers and the researchers together at highly effective educational events including field trips, educational tours, conferences, educational training programs, policy briefings, legislative staff tours, symposiums, 1/1 policy leader training and other outreach activities.

    GACI events model bi-partisanship for balanced objectivity through equal representation from both parties, agencies or state departments. Working sessions within these various forums produce the basis for new policies that GACI will then help drive to fruition.

    Below is a partial list of some of the grants GACI recently received to assist foundations in educating and training policy leaders: Please click the "GACI Event Calendar" button at the bottom of the page for a list of future events.

    Legislative Educational Training Program Educate and inform California legislative staff and other policy leaders on key health issues through legislative field trips and educational tours.

    Legislative Educational Tour Series: Informed and educated legislative staff and other policy leaders on key health issues that affect underserved Californians through five educational tours in select sites across the state.

    Proposition 63 Stakeholder Symposium: Convened and hosted a one-day symposium of Mental Health Services Act stakeholders, researchers and experts to discuss the intent and principles of the proposition and the steps needed for implementation.

    California and National Foundations Developed and presented briefings for California policy makers on issues related to children's health insurance and preschool.

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