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    A prestigious three-week institute for leaders and future leaders of Chinese government to study California government, business, and culture, in partnership with the University of California, the University of Southern California, and California State University.

    The program takes place in Sacramento, California’s capital city, the center of state government.  For three weeks, participants will study California government and business, with meetings at the University and at the State Capitol.  There will also be dinners with government and business leaders, and opportunities for social networking.

    Participants will visit the office of the Governor of California, the State Senate and the State Assembly, the California Supreme Court, and the offices of the State Treasurer, the State Controller, and the Secretary of State.  The delegation will also have exclusive social time with officials and California’s dignitaries.

    By the end of the program, participants will understand California’s government structure and the interaction of government and business.  In addition, all participants will have met and established relationships with top business and government leaders.  

    Upon completion, each graduate will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment and a prominent Medal of Achievement Award.

    Who Should Participate?
    The institute is designed for professionals and for persons at the graduate level of business or government studies.  The institute is especially valuable for those persons who are or will be in positions of leadership in government and in business. Proficiency in English is required.

    Participants will stay in university housing close to seminar rooms and to the State Capitol.  Sacramento is centrally located for visits to San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, and California’s wine country.

    The cost for each participant is $22,500 for the Institute.  Spouses or other guests may accompany the participant for $ 10,800.

    GACI provides leadership development and education about public policy for state officials.

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    For More Information or to Reserve Your Space, Contact Dr. Jack Hailey at Government Action & Communication Institute at  Info@gacinstitute.org or call (916) 966-6643.         

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